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Nothing really different about us... normal people, normal existence, extraordinary journey of blessings brought in the most profound, difficult, devasting, and amazing circumstances. To know our journey is to know grace. I invite you in to view this simple life where extraordinary events shape together to create something only Grace can explain.......

The Journey to the Foot of the Cross

The Journey to the Foot of the Cross
Life was so rich. It never crossed my mind that our bliss would ever end and life would take such a tragic turn. Somehow I convinced myself that we had "paid our grief dues" so to speak and from here on, we were set for Mountain Top Experiences. June 2000 was a wake up call from the disillusionment and the beginning of the most painful, grief-filled path a parent could even encounter. It was a day I would have avoided at all costs, but yet began the most remarkable experience. It was the day our son went from healthy to dying in a matter of 3 hours.

This is where I could write for months and years and never express all that there is to tell. This is where you must read my regular entries where I will begin to unfold the journey, one golden nugget at a time, that will ultimately enrich your lives through the touch of our Savior. I ask you to read the daily blogs, hear my heart, and if it begins to touch you, pass this blog site on to a friend. There is much to learn... I will share my lesssons, and then lets see where it leads.

My son gone home is a story worth sharing in every way. But even greater, is the story that makes my son's worth sharing. It is the story of the cross. I could never have endured the 18 months of pain, disease, and ultimately the death of my beautiful 3 year old son, were the cross not true and the hope from the cross not real. I serve a risen Savior, He met me at the cross for my sin and has met me there daily since to remind me that this life will hurt and bring pain but because of Him, there is hope. I cling.... will you join me?